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Irma Tawwater

Finance Manager

Help For A Mother And Business Professional.

Irma already considered herself an organized, high-achiever and didn’t think the Declutter Your Way to Success book was really for her.


She was surprised though at the peace she experienced after following the steps in the book. As her surroundings became more excellent, it spilled over into other areas of her life.


She’s also thankful to be an example for her son to follow. Developing and demonstrating this new standard of excellence will make a difference in his life too.

“My Mom Is Very Happy”

Tired of spending hours looking for items in his room, Jonah listened to the Declutter Your Way To Success audio book and got to work.


Jonah now has his room, desk, and school supplies organized and decluttered!


If it will work for a young boy, you know there’s hope for you!


Check out Jonah’s thank you message to Terri…

Jonah Zumback

Awesome Homeschooler

Airric Heidelberg

Fit chef and Juice DFW owner

“This Book Completely Changed My Life”

Airric developed a passion to help others through fitness and health while seeing so many in his family suffer from serious health issues.


For a while Airric was a prize-winning body-builder, before focusing on being a chef, fitness trainer, and owning a juice company.


Airric discovered the powerful principles contained in Declutter Your Way to Success when a friend gave him the audio book.


Putting the tips and strategies into practice has prepared him to launch new business ideas and freed up more time to spend with friends (and his dog).

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