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Upgrade Now And Get The Better Option ($119 Value) Yours Now For Just $47 Plus Shipping!


Get the AUDIO BOOK version of Declutter Your Way To Success to listen to on the go, PLUS the companion workbook to help you effectively clean out the clutter, 30-day Challenge wall calendar, digital timer, AND BONUS USB drive loaded with the ebook, PDF workbook, and MP3 audio book. Lowest price anywhere.

Declutter Your Way To Success. book ($18.95 Value)
Audio Book MP3-CD ($24.95 Value)
Workbook ($12.95 Value)
30-Day Challenge Wall Calendar ($5.95 value)
Digital Timer (11.95 value)
USB Drive with book, workbook, and audio book ($44.95)

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Or Just Get ONLY The Declutter Your Way To Success Book By Selecting This Option Below:

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I Want To Start With Just My FREE Copy Of Declutter Your Way To Success…Yours Now FREE, Just Cover Shipping!

Declutter Your Way To Success Will Help You To…

• Organize your surroundings (and life)
• Experience a peaceful home and mind
• Overcome procrastination
• Use the 20-minute rule to clean the clutter
• Position yourself for promotion in life
• And much more!

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  • Declutter Complete Kit + shipping  —  $56.95
  • Declutter FREE Book + shipping  —  $7.95

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Dream It. Pin It. Live It. ($9): Clarity about your dreams is the single most important step to success! Learn how to use vision boards to accomplish great things! Check YES above to add this special book offer to your order now for just $9. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

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Hurry, This FREE Offer Won’t Last long!

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